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How this Utica National policyholder benefits from free SafeSchools online training

"We had previously looked at online training options for our personnel and found that it was too costly for us... and were delighted to find SafeSchools was offered as part of our policy. We find the SafeSchools training program easy to use and a more efficient way to meet our training needs... SafeSchools training as a tool in our human resources toolbox is a real asset."

Jenny Vrana
Director of Finance & Operations
The Independence School
Newark, DE

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School Risk Management

Maintaining a safe environment for students and staff is a priority for any school administration. However, when time and resources are scarce, even the everyday risks facing your school may seem unmanageable. We can help!

At Utica National we are committed to assisting each of our insured educational institutions in achieving their safety goals and objectives. Here you'll find timely and reliable information on common and evolving exposures within schools.

Emergency Preparedness

  Utica National's School Emergency Preparedness Program is a comprehensive school safety software platform that consists of practical and research-based programs that will help assist school officials with critical training, planning, and communication for students and staff to cultivate the safest school environment possible.

Texting in schools: Proactive steps to help protect your district


School Staff-To-Student Text Message Parental Consent Form


Review and Refresh Your Concussion Management Program


3 Keys to Creating a Strong Opioid Overdose Prevention Program


K-12 School Security Guide and School Security Survey

  This guide rovides preventive and protective measures to address the threat of gun violence in schools. Click here to learn more.

Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model: An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence

  The U.S Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) recently released a guide “Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model: An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence” to help schools deal with potential violence incidents. Click here to access the Operational Guide and the accompanying Briefing Sheet.

Five Steps for Securing Your School's Information Systems and Networks

  Click here to learn more.

Schools! Create a Plan to Help Prevent Struck-By Accidents

  Click here to learn more.

Keep Student-Athletes Safe During Team Building Activities

  Click here to learn more.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) recently released the first edition of “Safer, Stronger, Smarter: A Guide to Improving School Natural Hazard Safety” FEMA P-1000.

  The new guide presents information on identifying natural hazards that could threaten a school, making new and existing school buildings more resistant to damage from natural disasters, emergency planning and disaster recovery. You can download the document here.

Clothes dryers are commonly used in a variety of businesses and educational institutions.

  These appliances have a long track record of reliable operation but they can be a cause of fire when the proper safety practices are not followed. Click here to learn more.

Controlling Fire and Smoke Damage in Educational Institutions

  Click here to learn more.

False Impersonation: An Emerging and Evolving Risk

  Click here to learn more.

Concussion Management

  Here is a quick reference to "Guidelines for Concussion Management in the School Setting", produced by the NYS Education Department. Click here to learn more.

Click here to watch the "Concussion Management in the School Setting" webinar presented by Utica National.

The Legal Rights of Transgender Individuals in Public Schools

  Click here to watch the webinar recording.

Save your school money on background checks.

  Contact a Utica National agent for more information.

NHTSA School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series

  The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers a 9 modular training program intended for experienced drivers. Each module contains an instructors guide, presentation slides and handouts. Click here to learn more.

Keeping Students Safe

  School bus safety alert. Click here to learn more.

Improve safety at your school – with SafeSchools online training from Utica National

  Improve safety for students and staff and meet many compliance mandates – while learning how to control property/liability costs and Workers Compensation claims, and reduce overtime and in-service training time. Introductory webinars are available to learn more about SafeSchools. Login to learn more.