General Resources

Safety and Loss Prevention

The safety of your operations and premises is your responsibility, but we can help! Our Risk Management services include:

  •  Reviewing existing and potential hazards, and recommending appropriate control methods.
  •  Reviewing your existing Risk Management program and assisting in developing a program designed to meet your specific operational hazards.
  • Performing loss analysis and providing loss reports.
  • Providing progress reports to management concerning your Risk Management programs and efforts.
  • Communication methods, telephone and electronic, to respond to safety-related questions.

Fire and Property Protection Services


Our Risk Management Department can assist you in developing an effective property protection program by:

  •  Surveying your property, and offering recommendations and strategies for safeguarding your physical assets.
  • Evaluating your crime and fire hazard exposures, and offering security control recommendations.
  •  Offering assistance in creating preventative maintenance programs such as thermographic scanning.

Motor Vehicle Safety Services

Our fleet safety programs are designed to reduce motor vehicle losses. Our Risk Management Representatives can:

  • Evaluate your fleet safety program and offer improvement suggestions.
  • Perform accident loss analysis to assist you in identifying loss causes and recommend
    corrective measures.

Occupational Safety and Health Services

We offer:

  • Assistance in identifying and correcting potential health hazards.
  • Familiarization with federal and state safety standards applicable to your operations.
  • Occupancy-specific checklists and other aids that can supplement your in-house safety programs.
  • Individual loss analysis to include corrective action recommendations.